[arch-dev-public] Fwd: Perl packaging guidelines.

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sat Feb 6 22:18:51 EST 2010

> * Just to show that this actually does happen, this is from my
>   pacman.log:
> The following official packages can be removed since the modules are
> now included in the standard perl library:
>   perl-archive-tar  perl-compress-raw-zlib  perl-compress-zlib
>   perl-extutils-cbuilder  perl-io-compress-base  perl-io-compress-zlib
>   perl-io-zlib  perl-module-pluggable  perl-pod-escapes  perl-pod-simple
>   perl-module-build  perl-version
> These community packages are also included in the standard perl library:
>   perl-archive-extract  perl-cpanplus  perl-digest-sha  perl-file-fetch
>   perl-extutils-parsexs  perl-ipc-cmd  perl-locale-maketext-simple
>   perl-log-message  perl-log-message-simple  perl-module-corelist
>   perl-module-load  perl-module-load-conditional  perl-module-loaded
>   perl-module-pluggable  perl-object-accessor  perl-params-check
>   perl-term-ui  perl-time-piece
> As  you can see, things do change and having explicit dependencies will
> only prevent breakage.

I'm +1, but don't feel very strongly about this.

I see that it's more complex than what we have now, but I think the 
world of perl dependencies is pretty complex, and the existing system 
isn't great at handling either. Modeling it in this more complete way 
and mirroring the upstream model seems like a good long-term choice in 
terms of reducing work for packagers.

- P

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