[arch-dev-public] WARNING: mkinitcpio (kill-klibc) live in testing!

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Feb 8 04:20:54 EST 2010

Am 08.02.2010 07:46, schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
> I discovered two minor issues on my notebook:
> * there is some error message like "grep: /dev/disk/by-label/swap: no such
> file or directoy"

Where does that come from? When do you see that?

> * the console font is not set with the keymap hook; previous versions of
> mkinitcpio did this.

We actually don't need to set any console font. The sole reason we set
the keymap is so we can type in the emergency shell and that passphrases
we type match exactly those we type when the system is up (including
UTF8 or non-UTF8 characters). I intentionally removed all consolefont
handling from initramfs.

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