[arch-dev-public] root over NFS support

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Feb 8 19:17:23 EST 2010

Am 08.02.2010 20:09, schrieb Simon Boulay:
> Hi,

(Note: I am CC'ing this to arch-dev-public. I will not resend the
patches sent to me in the previous mail, you will see them when I apply
them to the git. This is what happened so far: Simon stepped up and said
he could implement NFS root for mkinitcpio. I pointed him to some patch
on the bugtracker that someone made in the past and now he sent me
patches that will make NFS support possible again)

> Here is a patch which adds the support for mounting the root
> filesystem over NFS. 
> ipconfig and nfsmount sources are attached.
> I don't how to deal with them:
> - make a package (like mkinitcpio-netutils) which download
>   official klibc and add patches to build against glibc
> - make a sort of fork for those programs only and two packages
>   (mkinitcpi-ipconfig + mkinitcpio-nfsmount)
> - ?

I would put both programs in a small "mkinitcpio-nfs-utils" package or
so. I guess it will be better to maintain them in a git repository
instead of downloading klibc and applying patches all the time.

> ipconfig and nfsmount have to be installed in /lib/initcpio.
> I added a net hook based on the patch you pointed to me and modify
> install/net and init accordingly.

I don't have time to integrate them right now, because it is late and I
can't proof-read them now.
After applying your patch I will definitely change something about the
logic: I was planning to provide a concept of "mount helpers" that allow
you to override the default mounting procedure from inside a hook. This
concept could be used for NFS root and for archiso.

> Regards,
> Simon.

Thank you for the work, now I need to merge it and find testers. And
then we can move to the release candidate stage and finally get rid of
klibc once and for all.

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