[arch-dev-public] My status

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Wed Feb 10 06:26:30 EST 2010

Hello all,

Given the current discussion, I believe it is appropriate for me to 
provide a status update as far as my role within the Arch community is 
concerned. As a father of three (soon four!) I don't have much time at 
my disposal, and would like to concentrate the little I have on other 
open-source projects I am involved in. But I am well-aware that stepping 
down right now would leave you with yet another bunch of orphan 
packages, including the texlive-* ones, which is really not what you 
guys need at this moment.

I am thus proposing this: I'll stay on board and will continue 
maintaining my stuff until we have found someone who is ready to take up 
maintainance of the texlive packages. I have written a collection of 
helper scripts for this purpose which are publically available on our 
projects page. Of course I'd also be available for help. So that should 
be feasible by anyone who uses TeX Live already, knows its internals 
moderately well (configuration files and tools, web2c, kpathsea, etc), 
and is not afraid of complex build processes. I hope this can be 
achieved within the next, say, six months, but hopefully sooner, since 
our baby is expected early April and I won't have much time in the three 
months thereafter. Ideally that person should be one of you, which would 
make things very easy, but I don't think this is realistic, given the 
workload you already have. There is also the possibility of moving the 
texlive pkgs back to community if a TU is interested, but I'd really 
prefer they stay in extra.

In other words, you can still count on me, but not for too long ;) In 
the meanwhile, if anyone is interested in a particular package I 
maintain, just ask and I'll orphan it.


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