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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Feb 10 07:18:05 EST 2010

Am 10.02.2010 12:26, schrieb Firmicus:
> I am thus proposing this: I'll stay on board and will continue
> maintaining my stuff until we have found someone who is ready to take up
> maintainance of the texlive packages. I have written a collection of
> helper scripts for this purpose which are publically available on our
> projects page. Of course I'd also be available for help. So that should
> be feasible by anyone who uses TeX Live already, knows its internals
> moderately well (configuration files and tools, web2c, kpathsea, etc),
> and is not afraid of complex build processes. I hope this can be
> achieved within the next, say, six months, but hopefully sooner, since
> our baby is expected early April and I won't have much time in the three
> months thereafter. Ideally that person should be one of you, which would
> make things very easy, but I don't think this is realistic, given the
> workload you already have. There is also the possibility of moving the
> texlive pkgs back to community if a TU is interested, but I'd really
> prefer they stay in extra.

I definitely want to keep texlive in extra, we have lots of packages
depending on it. I also love that we have the latest and greatest of it
- I have a direct comparison to SuSE, they have texlive-2007 within
their 11.1 release, lacking tons of features that I need (especially

We brought you on especially for texlive, and I would at any time bring
on someone new to only maintain texlive. I would even prefer if you
could "mentor" him or her on the usage of your scripts for a few weeks
so it all runs smoothly. While I don't have the time or energy to
maintain it myself, I will do everything else in my power to keep
texlive working as well as it does now!

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