[arch-dev-public] Integrity Check x86_64: core, extra, community 12-02-2010

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Sat Feb 13 05:49:46 EST 2010

> Duplicate PKGBUILDs
> ---------------------
> /srv/abs/rsync/any/community/perl-xml-namespacesupport vs. /srv/abs/rsync/x86_64/extra/perl-xml-namespacesupport
Appears to be my fault, BUT I am/was the maintainer of that package in 
community and was never informed that it was moved to extra. Some bits 
of communication would be nice in this respect.

> ---------------------------------
> extra/munin depends on community/perl-html-template (0 extra (make)deps to pull)
> extra/munin depends on community/perl-log-log4perl (0 extra (make)deps to pull)
> extra/munin-node depends on community/perl-net-server (0 extra (make)deps to pull)

I will happily move the above three to extra and maintain them as long 
as I am still a dev.

BTW is there a special procedure or helper script for moving packages 
from community to extra? I mean besides removing on sigurd and adding on 


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