[arch-dev-public] [PATCH 2/2] Accept any *.pkg.tar.* package file name

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Feb 21 16:26:49 EST 2010

Am Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010 08:47:27 schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
> After a few tests with a local repo I guess I am ready to submit my
> changes.  So, here is the plan:
> 1) Add me to the dbscripts-git group and let me push my patch to the repo
> 2) Checkout the scripts into /arch or /arch-new (to be discussed)
> 3) Check which packages need to be kept in gz format for a while.(is it
> just  pacman, libarchive and xz-utils) and add PKGEXT='.pkg.tar.gz' into
> their PKGBUILDs
> 4) Start packaging xz compressed packages
> 5) Should we ask everyone to set PKGEXT to .pkg.tar.xz in makepkg.conf and 
>    probably ship it as default?
> 6) Apply the same changes on sigurd (community server)

Thomas has added the new scripts to /arch-new The devtools pacakge in testing 
is the first xz compressed package. Everybody say hurray!

If you upload xz packages with the devtools make sure PKGEXT in your 
makpekg.conf is set to .pkg.tar.xz.

PS: we figured out that the dbscripts on sigurd are quite outdated and thus 
wont remove old packages. So this will be fixed once we update those, too.


Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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