[arch-dev-public] [signoff] mkinitcpio 0.6.3-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 21 17:14:40 EST 2010

New release, please sign off. It has some bugfixes and a few nice
changes under the hood. Shortlog:

Benjamin Richter (2):
      Use only a single loop for searching /sys/block
      Use $(( )) instead of printf "%d"

Thomas Bächler (18):
      Fix copyright in the README file
      If we could not mount the real root device, or the init program
did not exist on it, bail out instead of panicing
      Add the "nfs" kernel module with in net hook
      Do not kill -9 udevd, instead kill -15 and wait for all processes
to terminate before continuing
      Introduce mount handlers
      Remove the special handling for the default mount procedure, move
it into a mount handler (default_mount_handler)
      Make indentation in two code blocks consistent
      When use stat -c %D instead of stat -f -c %i for testing if
/new_root is a mount point
      launch_interactive_shell: add "export" for PS1
      Improve sanity check: ${init} must be executable
      Fix NFS backward-compatibility with kinit
      Fix typo in 01cfe5572f6cfc172dddc013494511a59a7ed85f
      Cosmetic change: 'msg' function does not support '\n'
      load-modules.sh: Always use --use-blacklist
      default_mount_hook: Use major and minor variables instead of a
single rootdev variable
      Allow the second parameter of poll_device to be 0 - this fixes
      poll_device: do not wait for a device to appear if udevd is not
      Release 0.6.3

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