[arch-dev-public] [PATCH 2/2] Accept any *.pkg.tar.* package file name

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Mon Feb 22 00:15:31 EST 2010

Am Montag, 22. Februar 2010 05:33:56 schrieb Dan McGee:
> >> > Another thing: it was mentionned on the IRC channel that namcap
> >> > doesn't work with the new xz packages. It would be nice to have xz
> >> > support in namcap before we start pushing these changes out.
> >> 
> >> Yeah, this is IMHO a blocker to going gung-ho on this. It is not going
> >> to be super-easy either as we use python's built-in archive support
> >> that doesn't know about XZ as far as I know...
> > 
> > Why not? Just call bsdtar to extract the tar somewhere. This way you
> > don#t have to worry how the package is compressed.
> Maybe you can get away with this in a shell script, but no one is
> happy with this BS in a python program. Or at least I wouldn't be, but
> feel free to send a patch to the namcap maintainer since it is so
> easy. I'll be impressed when you fix every check that uses
> tar.getmembers() too...

What's wrong with you? That was meant as a serious question. I am not familiar 
with the namcap python code.

I don't really want to drop the idea of xz compressed packages just because 
python does not support it.

It might sound silly but the probably easiest solution might be to modify 
namcap to support uncompressed tar archives. Then we can add a simple Bash 
wrapper script which uncompresses the package and calls namcap with the pure 


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