[arch-dev-public] Clean up the base group

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Feb 26 04:28:24 EST 2010


I mentioned this several months ago and got no response so I will post 
again.  If there are no objections in 48 hours, the rebuilds will start 
hitting [testing].

FS#12890 suggests cleaning some of the packages from the base group.  
The goals are to remove old packages that are really no longer needed 
(e.g. cpio) and packages that are only needed as dependencies for other 
packages and would not be installed otherwise (e.g. libfetch).  That 
will clean up the package selection list for the base group in the 

Here is the list of what I will do:
It splits the packages in the base group into those staying in base; 
those removed from base but staying in [core]; those removed from 
[core].  Packages marked with (???) mean I am not sure what category to 
put them in.  If there are no comments, I will be playing it safe with 

Any comments before I start?

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