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Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 7 08:46:51 EST 2010

2009/12/25 Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de>:
> Here comes a new minor update to the zlib package.
> Package changes:
> * PKGBUILD cleanup
> * use asm code for i686 and amd64 (might be insane ;-))
> * patched Makfile to install soname links and set correct permissions of
> libz.a
> Note: As the zlib.net homepage seems stalled for some years now, I grab
> the zlib-*.orig.tar.gz from Debain and upload it to our FTP.
> Upstream changelog:
> - Use old school .SUFFIXES in Makefile.in for FreeBSD compatibility
> - Update comments in configure and Makefile.in for default --shared
> - Fix test -z's in configure [Marquess]
> - Build examplesh and minigzipsh when not testing
> - Change NULL's to Z_NULL's in deflate.c and in comments in zlib.h
> - Import LDFLAGS from the environment in configure
> - Fix configure to populate SFLAGS with discovered CFLAGS options
> - Adapt make_vms.com to the new Makefile.in [Zinser]
> - Add zlib2ansi script for C++ compilation [Marquess]
> - Add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 test to make test (when applicable)
> - Add AMD64 assembler code for longest match to contrib [Teterin]
> - Include options from $SFLAGS when doing $LDSHARED
> - Simplify 64-bit file support by introducing z_off64_t type
> - Make shared object files in objs directory to work around old Sun cc
> - Use only three-part version number for Darwin shared compiles
> - Add rc option to ar in Makefile.in for when ./configure not run
> - Add -WI,-rpath,. to LDFLAGS for OSF 1 V4*
> - Set LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH for SGI IRIX shared compile
> - Protect against _FILE_OFFSET_BITS being defined when compiling zlib
> - Rename Makefile.in targets allstatic to static and allshared to shared
> - Fix static and shared Makefile.in targets to be independent
> - Correct error return bug in gz_open() by setting state [Brown]
> - Put spaces before ;;'s in configure for better sh compatibility
> - Added pigz.c (parallel implementation of gzip) to examples/
> - Correct constant in crc32.c to UL [Leventhal]
> - Reject negative lengths in crc32_combine()
> - Add inflateReset2() function to work like inflateEnd()/inflateInit2()
> - Include sys/types.h for _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE [Brown]
> - Correct typo in doc/algorithm.txt [Janik]
> - Fix bug in adler32_combine() [Zhu]
> - Catch missing-end-of-block-code error in all inflates and in puff
>    Assures that random input to inflate eventually results in an error
> - Added enough.c (calculation of ENOUGH for inftrees.h) to examples/
> - Update ENOUGH and its usage to reflect discovered bounds
> - Fix gzerror() error report on empty input file [Brown]
> - Add ush casts in trees.c to avoid pedantic runtime errors
> - Fix typo in zlib.h uncompress() description [Reiss]
> - Correct inflate() comments with regard to automatic header detection
> - Remove deprecation comment on Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH (it stays)
> - Put new version of gzlog (2.0) in examples with interruption recovery
> - Add puff compile option to permit invalid distance-too-far streams
> - Add puff TEST command options, ability to read piped input
> - Prototype the *64 functions in zlib.h when _FILE_OFFSET_BITS == 64, but
>  _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE not defined
> - Fix Z_FULL_FLUSH to truly erase the past by resetting s->strstart
> - Fix deflateSetDictionary() to use all 32K for output consistency
> - Remove extraneous #define MIN_LOOKAHEAD in deflate.c (in deflate.h)
> - Clear bytes after deflate lookahead to avoid use of uninitialized data
> - Change a limit in inftrees.c to be more transparent to Coverity Prevent
> - Update win32/zlib.def with exported symbols from zlib.h
> - Correct spelling error in zlib.h [Willem]
> - Allow Z_BLOCK for deflate() to force a new block
> - Allow negative bits in inflatePrime() to delete existing bit buffer
> - Add Z_TREES flush option to inflate() to return at end of trees
> - Add inflateMark() to return current state information for random access
> - Added Makefile for NintendoDS to contrib [Costa]
> - Add -w in configure compile tests to avoid spurious warnings [Beucler]
> - Fix typos in zlib.h comments for deflateSetDictionary()
> - Fix EOF detection in transparent gzread() [Maier]
> PS: Will I get a cookie when pkgrel has bumped to 5?
> --
> Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre
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Andrea `bash` Scarpino
Arch Linux Developer

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