[arch-dev-public] [signoff] dcron 4.2

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Mon Jan 11 08:06:51 EST 2010

On 01/06/2010 01:09 AM, Paul Mattal wrote:
> Proposal: We stay with dcron into the 4.0 series, with a
> longer-than-usual testing window so the transition is smooth, and see if
> it meets our collective needs. Jim may be willing to add functionality
> we find lacking.
> Please get your votes and comments in by the weekend, if possible. I'd
> like to move on this next week, if we have agreement.

I've just placed dcron 4.2 into [testing]. This is a major update to 
dcron, under a new maintainer (who is an Arch user, and very 
responsive). With this release, I am also taking over maintaining dcron 
in [core].

I'd like to get 2 signoffs for each architecture for this one, since it 
represents a lot of new functionality. Full changelist since 3.2 inlined 
below. For further info, and a full git history, see:


- P


For more information,

v4.2  11-Jan-2010

   * Makefile tweaks; moved more constants to #defines.

v4.1  10-Jan-2010
   * Fixed bug in parsing some numeric fields in crontabs. (Terminus of 
     wasn't being modded.)

   * Updated Makefile to make it easier to customize timestamps at configure
     time. Also, if LC_TIME is defined when crond runs, we use that 
instead of
     compiled-in default (for logging to files, to customize syslog 
output use
     syslog-ng's 'template' command).

   * Fixed Makefile permissions on crond and crontab binaries.

v4.0  6-Jan-2010
   * Jim Pryor took over development; folded in changes from his fork 

   * Applied "Daniel's patch" from dcron 3.x tarballs to enable logging 
to syslog or
     files. Added further logging improvements.

   * Added -m user at host and -M mailer options

   * Various crontab syntax extensions, including "2nd Monday of every 
     @reboot, @daily, and finer-grained frequency specifiers.

   * Jobs can wait until AFTER other jobs have finished.

   * Enhanced parsing of cron.update file, to make it possible for 
scripts to
     interact with a running crond in limited ways.

   * Various internal changes

   * Updated Makefile, manpage buildchain, and docs

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