[arch-dev-public] [signoff] dcron 4.4

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Mon Jan 18 22:33:34 EST 2010

This is the final test release before we go to [core] with the new 
crond. Please signoff, one for each architecture.

Aside from the upstream changes, two packaging items:

* I've decided to leave the crond logrotate script here for now, 
unless/until aaron (syslog-ng maintainer) thinks we should take it into 
that package. I'd rather tackle that effort in a separate step, rather 
than have it block launching the new 4.x dcron series.

* I've added an optdepend on smtp-server to address FS #12662.

Upstream release log below:

dcron 4.4 released. Changes:

   * Finished mailjobs were being left as zombie processes. Fixed.

   * When using crond with logging-to-file, user jobs could only log some
     events if they had write access to the log. Fixed this by having crond
     keep a file descriptor open to the log; also added a SIGHUP handler
     to make crond re-open the logfile. The sample logrotate script now
     sends that signal.

   * More sensible command-line parsing by crontab.

   * Add prune-cronstamps to extra; document extra/*; general improvement
     of README and manpages.

   * Portability improvements, and defs.h now has fuller comments about

   * Makefile improvements: `make` now caches variables for `make install`;
     don't stomp CFLAGS environment variable, and added 

   * Thanks to Juergen Daubert for testing and suggestions.

- P

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