[arch-dev-public] [signoff] zlib (libxml2 2.7.6-2)

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Sun Jan 24 08:32:15 EST 2010


here is another upstream update (yes, I skipped .5 and .6). I also added a
patch to libxml2 which had misused some private zlib API and triggers a

Please sign off.

Here is a changelog for those with interest:

Changes in (24 Jan 2010)
- Always gzopen() with O_LARGEFILE if available
- Fix gzdirect() to work immediately after gzopen() or gzdopen()
- Make gzdirect() more precise when the state changes while reading
- Improve zlib.h documentation in many places
- Catch memory allocation failure in gz_open()
- Complete close operation if seek forward in gzclose_w() fails
- Return Z_ERRNO from gzclose_r() if close() fails
- Return Z_STREAM_ERROR instead of EOF for gzclose() being passed NULL
- Return zero for gzwrite() errors to match zlib.h description
- Return -1 on gzputs() error to match zlib.h description
- Add zconf.in.h to allow recovery from configure modification [Weigelt]
- Fix static library permissions in Makefile.in [Weigelt]
- Avoid warnings in configure tests that hide functionality [Weigelt]
- Add *BSD and DragonFly to Linux case in configure [gentoo 123571]
- Change libzdll.a to libz.dll.a in win32/Makefile.gcc [gentoo 288212]
- Avoid access of uninitialized data for first inflateReset2 call [Gomes]
- Keep object files in subdirectories to reduce the clutter somewhat
- Remove default Makefile and zlibdefs.h, add dummy Makefile
- Add new external functions to Z_PREFIX, remove duplicates, z_z_ -> z_
- Remove zlibdefs.h completely -- modify zconf.h instead

Changes in (17 Jan 2010)
- Avoid void * arithmetic in gzread.c and gzwrite.c
- Make compilers happier with const char * for gz_error message
- Avoid unused parameter warning in inflate.c
- Avoid signed-unsigned comparison warning in inflate.c
- Indent #pragma's for traditional C
- Fix usage of strwinerror() in glib.c, change to gz_strwinerror()
- Correct email address in configure for system options
- Update make_vms.com and add make_vms.com to contrib/minizip [Zinser]
- Update zlib.map [Brown]
- Fix Makefile.in for Solaris 10 make of example64 and minizip64 [T�r�k]
- Apply various fixes to CMakeLists.txt [Lowman]
- Add checks on len in gzread() and gzwrite()
- Add error message for no more room for gzungetc()
- Remove zlib version check in gzwrite()
- Defer compression of gzprintf() result until need to
- Use snprintf() in gzdopen() if available
- Remove USE_MMAP configuration determination (only used by minigzip)
- Remove examples/pigz.c (available separately)
- Update examples/gun.c to 1.6

Changes in (8 Jan 2010)
- Add space after #if in zutil.h for some compilers
- Fix relatively harmless bug in deflate_fast() [Exarevsky]
- Fix same problem in deflate_slow()
- Add $(SHAREDLIBV) to LIBS in Makefile.in [Brown]
- Add deflate_rle() for faster Z_RLE strategy run-length encoding
- Add deflate_huff() for faster Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY encoding
- Change name of "write" variable in inffast.c to avoid library collisions
- Fix premature EOF from gzread() in gzio.c [Brown]
- Use zlib header window size if windowBits is 0 in inflateInit2()
- Remove compressBound() call in deflate.c to avoid linking compress.o
- Replace use of errno in gz* with functions, support WinCE [Alves]
- Provide alternative to perror() in minigzip.c for WinCE [Alves]
- Don't use _vsnprintf on later versions of MSVC [Lowman]
- Add CMake build script and input file [Lowman]
- Update contrib/minizip to 1.1 [Svensson, Vollant]
- Moved nintendods directory from contrib to .
- Replace gzio.c with a new set of routines with the same functionality
- Add gzbuffer(), gzoffset(), gzclose_r(), gzclose_w() as part of above
- Update contrib/minizip to 1.1b
- Change gzeof() to return 0 on error instead of -1 to agree with zlib.h

Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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