[arch-dev-public] db-scripts and package location - Was: WARNING libpng/libjpeg hits testing

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 28 21:04:03 EST 2010

On 29/01/10 03:28, Dan McGee wrote:
> This is going to absolutely destroy gerolde and our mirrors with rsync
> backlog. We really need to start getting some of this out there if
> possible since when we move packages from [testing] to other repos, we
> don't have a symlink farm like we do with arch="any" packages.

Didn't we have someone working on adjusting the db-scripts so all 
packages went to a "package" directory and were symlinked to the repo? 
That would save us much bandwidth and hassle with big rebuilds like these...

Can anyone remember who that was and if it was started?


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