[arch-dev-public] OpenJDK6 new plugin may need changes in xulrunner

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sat Jan 30 04:07:04 EST 2010

You may have noticed that we now have openjdk 6.b17 based on the
icedtea1.7 release. The new xulrunner makes it change to use NPplugin.
This uses much less from the Mozilla/Xulrunner API.

see http://dbhole.wordpress.com/ for more.

The new plugin now solves this test in Firefox:

It is known to work also at least with Google's chrome browser that the
upstream dev is also testing on his Fedora system. This doesn't work in
our distribution. I assume Fedora has little compat hacks in their
xulrunner pkg we don't have or something we miss in ld.so.conf

I'd like to call for help to make the plugin work with our other
(webkit based) browsers.


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