[arch-dev-public] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.69-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 10:13:28 EDT 2010


lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.69-1 are in testing. Changes:

* Upstream update
* Moved dmeventd man page from lvm2 to device-mapper package

Please test and signoff. Users signoffs are welcomed.



Version 2.02.69 - 30th June 2010
  Fix vgremove to allow removal of VG with missing PVs. (2.02.52)
  Add metadata/vgmetadatacopies to lvm.conf.
  Add --metadataignore to pvcreate and vgextend.
  Add vg_mda_copies, pv_mda_used_count and vg_mda_used_count to reports.
  Describe --vgmetadatacopies in lvm.conf and other man pages.
  Add --[vg]metadatacopies to select number of mdas to use in a VG.
  Make the metadata ignore bit control read/write metadata areas in a PV.
  Add pvchange --metadataignore to set or clear a metadata ignore bit.
  Refactor metadata code to prepare for --metadataignore / --vgmetadatacopies.
  Ensure region_size of mirrored log does not exceed its full size.
  Generate liblvm2app exported symbols from header file.
  Preload libc locale messages to prevent reading it in memory locked state.
  Fix handling of simultaneous mirror image and mirrored log image failure.


Version 1.02.51 - 30th June 2010
  Generate libdevmapper exported symbols from header file.

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