[arch-dev-public] Python-3.x transition with python-2.7 update

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Mon Jul 5 15:22:29 EDT 2010

  On 05/07/2010 15:11, Allan McRae wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here comes a rebuild so large that our TODO list had trouble handling it!  Hopefully all 
> packages are now in the rebuild list....  At a total of 518 packages long, it puts the 
> combined libpng/libjpeg rebuild to shame.


> Python-2.7 has been releases and will be the last 2.x official release of python.  So it 
> is time to switch to python-3.x as our /usr/bin/python and python-2.7 as our 
> /usr/bin/python2.  See 
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:Python_Todo_List for all the details 
> about how to achieve this.

The wiki is very detailed but IMHO it would benefit from a short statement on the 
motivations for making the transition to Python 3 (possibly with some links to upstream 
regarding its status, stability, API changes, etc). just my 2¢...

> It is actually not that hard.  I had a system converted when python-3.1 was released as 
> a test run.  The main key is to build packages in a clean chroot so that they detect and 
> point their files to /usr/bin/python2.  Some packages are stupid and require a sed at 
> the end of packaging to fix that.
> Because this rebuild is crazy stupid, I would like to plan when it is going to occur.  
> We will need to clear out [testing] as much as possible over the coming week or two 
> (what is happening with perl...).

Re: perl in testing. No idea. I have updated the 'provides' array in the PKGBUILD for perl 
in trunk on May 26, and informed Kevin of the changes I made, but I have not heard from 
him since. I guess there were some issues preventing a move to core, but I don't know 
whether he has resolved them or not. I have not been able to help further. Preparing the 
new TeX Live packages takes all the time I can devote to Arch these days ;) But if 
everyone agrees that the package currently in testing is fine, I could rebuild it and move 
it to core, and move all other perl pkgs in testing/community-testing to extra or community.

>   Also, a new KDE is a the beginning of next month so I would not want to conflict with 
> that.  Any other major rebuilds on the way?  Should we do this in a separate repo?

I think a separate repo is our best option.


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