[arch-dev-public] WARNING: KDE 4.5 RC3 in [testing]

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 27 04:29:30 EDT 2010

(more readable version...)

Hi everybody,
I am about to move the first wave of KDE 4.5 RC3 packages
into [testing] without l10n packages.
KDE SC 4.5.0 will released next week.

Please DEVs and TUs check if your packages need a rebuild (e.g. digikam)

* A backup of the ~/.kde4 directory before the upgrade is really recommended *

Changes from 4.4:
* kwebkitpart package provides WebKit support in konqueror
* kappfinder has moved to extragear
* no kdebindings-ruby (does not build with ruby 1.9)
* no kdepim/kdepim-runtime 4.5.0
* new packages:
  - kdeartwork-aurorae
  - kdegames-kajongg
  - kdemultimedia-ffmpegthumbs
  - kdeplasma-addons-applets-bookmarks
  - kdeplasma-addons-applets-community
  - kdeplasma-addons-applets-social-news
  - kdeplasma-addons-runners-characters
  - kdeplasma-addons-runners-datetime
  - kdesdk-dolphin-plugins
  - kdeutils-kremotecontrol


Happy holiday!

Arch Linux Developer

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