[arch-dev-public] Out-of-date packages in [extra]/[community]

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed Jun 16 16:38:13 EDT 2010

Hi DEVs/TUs,
these packages are out-of-date from time and needed by none.
Can I move them on AUR? I will wait 2 days because I do not know many of them, 
maybe someone is useful.

Please TUs, let me know if you want to maintain any of these packages in 

- biopython
- gcin
- glabels
- linux_logo
- nss_ldap
- pam_ldap
- prelink
- pylint
- python-cheetah
- python-formencode
- python-sqlobject (needed by pacbuild, but does pacbuild still work?!)
- python-gdata (needed by pytube in [community])
- python-vpython

- live-f1
- sauerbraten

Andrea Scarpino - andreascarpino.it
KDE Maintainer in Arch Linux

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