[arch-dev-public] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.68-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 20:09:17 EDT 2010


 lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.68-1 is now in testing.


* Upstream update
* Fixed tr path in lvmdump

Please test and signoff. Users' signoffs are welcomed.


Upstream ChangeLog:


Version 2.02.68 - 23rd June 2010
  Fix clvmd initscript status to print only active clustered LVs.
  Add lv_path to reports to offer full /dev pathname.
  Fix typo in warning message about missing device with allocated data areas.
  Add device name and offset to raw_read_mda_header error messages.
  Honour log argument when down-converting stacked mirror.
  Sleep to workaround clvmd -S race: socket closed early and server drops cmd.
  Use early udev synchronisation and update of dev nodes for clustered mirrors.
  Remove incorrect inclusion of kdev_t.h from cmirrord/functions.h.
  Add man pages for lvmconf and non-existent lvmsadc and lvmsar tools.
  Exit successfully when using -o help (but not -o +help) with LVM reports.
  Do not use internal DLM lock definitions in generic LVM2 clvmd code.
  Add --force, --nofsck and --resizefs to lvresize/extend/reduce man pages.
  Fix lvm2cmd example in documentation.
  Allow use of lvm2app and lvm2cmd headers in C++ code.
  Remove unused #includes from clvmd files and introduce clvmd-common.h.
  Move common inclusions to clvmd-common.h.
  Use #include "" for libdevmapper.h and configure.h throughout tree.
  Fix LVM_PATH expansion when exec_prefix=NONE. (2.02.67)
  Fix segfault in clvmd -R if no response from daemon received.

Version 2.02.67 - 4th June 2010
  Handle failed restart of clvmd using -S switch properly.
  Fix clvmd initscript restart command to start clvmd if not yet running.
  Use built-in absolute paths in clvmd (clvmd restart and PV and LV queries).
  Require partial option in lvchange --refresh for partial LVs.
  Do not fail lvm_init() if init_logging() or _init_rand() generates an errno.
  Don't merge unchanged persistent cache file before dumping if tool scanned.
  Fix incorrect memory pool deallocation while using vg_read for files.
  Add --type parameter description to the lvcreate man page.
  Replace strncmp kernel version number checks with proper ones.
  Avoid selecting names under /dev/block if there is an alternative.
  Update clustered log kernel module name to log-userspace for 2.6.31 onwards.
  Add replicators' LVs to dtree for activation.
  Supress activation message if there is a missing replicator VG.
  Fix scripts/relpath.awk to work in mawk
  Extend lock_vol to check for missing replicator VGs first.
  Update _process_one_vg and process_each_lv_in_vg to populate cmd_vg.
  Add cmd_vg structure and associated functions for replicator.
  Extend _lv_each_dependency() to handle replicator dependencies.
  Add check_replicator_segment() to catch internal replicator errors.
  Initial support for replicator metadata.
  Extend process_each_lv_in_vg() to provide list of failed lvnames.
  Consistently return ECMD_FAILED if process_each_*lv() is interrupted.


Version 1.02.50 - 23rd June 2010
  Fix INTERNAL_ERROR typo in ioctl iface unknown task message.
  Fix udev rules to handle spurious events properly.
  Use C99 [] not [0] in dm_ulog_request struct to avoid abort when fortified.
  Allow use of devmapper header file in C++ mode (extern "C" and __typeof__).
  Add dmeventd man page.

Version 1.02.49 - 4th June 2010
  Support autoloading of dm-mod module for kernels from 2.6.35.
  Document 'clear' in dmsetup man page.
  Fix semctl parameter (union) to avoid misaligned parameter on some arches.
  Add dm_tree_node_set_presuspend_node() to presuspend child when deactivating.
  Initial support for replicator target.

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