[arch-dev-public] [signoff] libevent 1.4.14b-1

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Mon Jun 28 04:31:34 EDT 2010

Just a random upstream update of an orphaned package. Here is the 
chagnelog; please sign off.

 o Add a .gitignore file for the 1.4 branch. (d014edb)
 o Backport evbuffer_readln(). (b04cc60 Nicholas Marriott)
 o Make the evbuffer_readln backport follow the current API (c545485)
 o Valgrind fix: Clear struct kevent before checking for OSX bug. 
(5713d5d William Ahern)
 o Fix a crash when reading badly formatted resolve.conf (5b10d00 
Yasuoka Masahiko)
 o Fix memory-leak of signal handler array with kqueue. [backport] 
 o Update sample/signal-test.c to use newer APIs and not leak. 
(891765c Evan Jones)
 o Correct all versions in 1.4 branch (ac0d213)
 o Make evutil_make_socket_nonblocking() leave any other flags alone. 
(81c26ba Jardel Weyrich)
 o Adjusted fcntl() retval comparison on 
evutil_make_socket_nonblocking(). (5f2e250 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Correct a debug message in evhttp_parse_request_line (35df59e)
 o Merge branch 'readln-backport' into patches-1.4 (8771d5b)
 o Do not send an HTTP error when we've already closed or responded. 
(4fd2dd9 Pavel Plesov)
 o Re-add event_siglcb; some old code _was_ still using it. :( 
 o Make Libevent 1.4 build on win32 with Unicode enabled. (bce58d6 
Brodie Thiesfield)
 o Distribute nmake makefile for 1.4 (20d706d)
 o do not fail while sending on http connections the client closed. 
 o make evhttp_send() safe against terminated connections, too 
 o Fix a free(NULL) in min_heap.h (2458934)
 o Fix memory leak when setting up priorities; reported by Alexander 
Drozdov (cb1a722)
 o Clean up properly when adding a signal handler fails. (ae6ece0 
Gilad Benjamini)
 o Do not abort HTTP requests missing a reason string. (29d7b32 Pierre 
 o Fix compile warning in http.c (906d573)
 o Define _REENTRANT as needed on Solaris, elsewhere (6cbea13)

Pierre Schmitz, https://users.archlinux.de/~pierre

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