[arch-dev-public] Versioned dependency fun...

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 1 22:59:40 EST 2010

On 02/03/10 13:49, Dan McGee wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 9:17 PM, Allan McRae<allan at archlinux.org>  wrote:
>> Hmmm...
>>> pacman -U libjpeg-8a-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz
>> loading package data...
>> checking dependencies...
>> error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
>> :: ghostscript: requires libjpeg>=8
>> :: imlib2: requires libjpeg>=8
>> :: jasper: requires libjpeg>=8
>> :: libdjvu: requires libjpeg>=8
>> ....
>> To avoid this, I will be renumbering it to libjpeg-8.0.1 (which is the
>> soname version).
> This is for alpha, beta, etc. purposes. I think I broke this once thus
> the reason I added the small vercmp test suite.

I know.  I was just pointing out some fun with package versioning.  I 
did not even think about that issue until I tried installing the package.

If only the collective upstream would figure out haw to version software 


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