[arch-dev-public] kernel headers in a separate package

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 8 11:13:31 CET 2010

Am 08.03.2010 10:56, schrieb James Rayner:
> Apparently it's taken me 2 months to notice this because I've been
> building my own kernel, but I'll ask anyway... The kernel headers
> required to build kernel modules have been put in a separate package
> "kernel26-headers". We don't separate dev headers for anything else -
> why is this different?

They are 27MB big and most people never need them. The most important
argument however is that the PKGBUILD is now much easier to read - all
the "crappy" stuff has moved to its own function.

> Second, linux-api-headers used to be called "kernel-headers" and now
> there's easily 100 posts on the forum that say "the headers don't need 
> to match the kernel" - which are all now completely incorrect.

The reason this package was renamed is just that: People kept
complaining about things they didn't understand. Now, the package
doesn't have the name "kernel" in it, people still don't understand the
package, but they stopped complaining.

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