[arch-dev-public] [signoff] man-db 2.5.7-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Mar 8 21:59:19 CET 2010

- upstream update, see changes below
- add nice/ionice support following the mlocate layout, #16518 
- upstream changes should fix #17622

Please test and signoff.


man-db 2.5.7 (16 February 2010)

Major changes since man-db 2.5.6:


	o If a subprocess exits before man manages to read all the
	output from it, it now drains the output file descriptor rather
	than immediately discarding it.

	o If /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED is available, man attempts to
	use it to ensure that LC_CTYPE is set to an appropriate locale
	for the selected character set when invoking col. This fixes
	'LANG=C man -E UTF-8', as used by lintian.

	o Don't run tests if cross-compiling.

	o Fix possible mandb crash when MAN_MUST_CREATE is unset.


	o man can now tell nroff to disable justification if the
	  --no-justification option is used.

	o If the full path to an executable is given as an argument, man
	  will try looking up the corresponding manual page in the
	  appropriate part of the manpath, rather than just trying to
	format the text of the executable as a manual page.

	o In the GNU manual hierarchy layout, search man<sec><ext>
	  directories as well as just man<sec>
	(e.g. /usr/share/man/man3p as well as /usr/share/man/man3).

	o By request, man now prefers getting a page from the best
	manual section over getting a page in the correct language.

	o All programs now support a MAN_DEBUG environment variable
	which can be used in place of the -d/--debug option. This is
	useful in some situations where a program is being called deep
	in a process tree.

	o man-db now builds with heirloom-doctools, thanks to Diego
	Pettenò of Gentoo.

	o Add support for emulating pipe() with socketpair(), which is
	  faster on some systems; thanks to Werner Fink of SUSE.

	o Cat pages are now always saved in UTF-8, and converted to the
	  proper encoding at display time, which means that cat pages
	can now be saved regardless of locale. Note that a consequence
	of this is that cat pages now include formatting information
	(e.g. overstriking) and need to be run through col(1) before

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