[arch-dev-public] Website updated- package maintainer changes

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 29 00:30:10 CEST 2010

On 29/03/10 08:01, Dan McGee wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I just pushed a website update today that improves something everyone
> has been clamoring for- package maintainers. The quick hits:
> * Package maintainership is now by 'pkgbase'. If you "adopt" one
> package, you become a maintainer for all packages with that same
> pkgbase (including across all architectures). This also means when a
> package is converted from arch-specific to arch-independent, you won't
> have to re-adopt it.
> * We will never lose package maintainer info if we lose packages and
> they come back in a later processing of the DB. Eric will be glad to
> hear this.
> * Multiple maintainers are supported. See
> http://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/thunderbird/ for an
> example. All maintainers will get an email when the package is marked
> out of date (if they are signed up to do so).
> With all that said, the concept of package adoption is now not an
> exclusive affair- multiple people can adopt packages and all be listed
> as maintainers.
> Let me (and the list) know if you have any questions.

Thanks for doing this Dan.  These all are really useful improvements to 
the system.  It looks like it is time to do a package adoption push and 
get rid of some of the old and genuine orphans.


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