[arch-dev-public] Redefining [testing] and a new [staging] repo

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun May 9 02:49:55 EDT 2010

On 08/05/10 02:44, Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> proposal for [staging]
> * this repo should only used by devs and tus
> * it is not meant to be used on a production system
> * it should only be enabled in a packages build environment (chroot)
> * this could be even excluded from outbound rsync. Due to package pooling
>    packages would still be propagated. And moving those packages to other
>    repos will be "instantly".

So, things like the kde-unstable, gnome-unstable, xorg18 repos should go 
in [staging]?  Or should they go straight into [testing]?   Because 
people actually use them so [staging] may be too polluted for them, but 
they are not ready for [testing]...  do we need another repo in-between?  :P

How about we just make the group owner of the root of repo to allow 
people with push access to [core] to create repos and have db-scripts 
only fail if [community{,-testing}] is used on gerolde?


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