[arch-dev-public] Python rebuild on its way to [testing]

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 8 00:33:42 EDT 2010

Current status:

The python rebuild seems to have gone reasonably well overall with few 
breakages.  We currently have the following bugs open for the rebuild:

FS#21064 - [wicd] breaks with current testing

FS#21076 - python-configobj needs rebuild (for python3/2.7 change in 

FS#21088 - [weechat] should have python2 instead of python in the optdepends

FS#21130 - avant-window-navigator applets still points to python3

The main issue here is the wicd one (the others are simple 
fixes/rebuilds).  Rémy has provided a patch which is reported to work 
(with an addition), but I guess we are waiting on upstream to comment.


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