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Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 13:19:53 EDT 2010


sysvinit-2.88-1 is in testing. Please test and signoff.  I'll need two
i686 signoffs as I had to test the i686 package in a chroot so
couldn't give it a good test.


- Long awaited upstream update (ChangeLog below)
- Updated url
- PKGBUILD cleanup



sysvinit (2.88dsf) world; urgency=low

  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Mention new home on Savannah in README.
  * Revert change from Fedora/RedHat where the now obsolete command
    INIT_CMD_CHANGECONS was introduced.  Based on feedback and patch
    from Bill Nottingham.
  * Adjust makefile to make sure the install directories are created
    before files are copied into them.
  * Simplify build rules, based on patch from Mike Frysinger and Gentoo.
  * Fix minor bug in optimizing of argument parsing.  Based on
    report from jakemus on freshmeat.
  * Add casts to get rid of compiler warning about signed/unsigned issues.
  * Change tty handling in init to make sure the UTF-8 flag is not cleared
    on boot.  Patch from Samuel Thibault.
  * Add Makefile in toplevel directory.
  * Print usage information when shutdown is used by non-root user.
    Patch from Mike Frysinger and Gentoo.
  * Sync shutdown manual page and usage information.  Patch from Mike
    Frysinger and Gentoo.
  * Fix race condition in utmp writing.  Patch from Gil Kloepfer via
    Mike Frysinger and Gentoo.
  * Rewrite findtty() in bootlogd to recursively search /dev/ for the
    correct device, to handle terminal devices for example in /dev/pty/.
    Patch from Debian.
  * Make sure bootlogd findpty() returns an error value when it fails to
    find a usable pty.  Patch from Rob Leslie via Debian.
  * Make sure bootlogd fflush() every line, even if asked not to flush
    to disk using fdatasync().  Patch from Scott Gifford via Debian.
  * Add compatibility code to handle old path "/etc/powerstatus" for a
  * Incude definition for MNT_DETACH which is missing in older GNU libc
  * Do not strip binaries before installing them, to make it easier to
    get binaries with debug information installed.

  [ Werner Fink ]
  * Add the comment from Andrea Arcangeli about the correct
    place of setting the default childhandler within spawn().
  * Make sure that newline is printed out for last(1) even
    if an utmp record entry is truncated.
  * Check if utmp not only exists but also is writable and delay
    writing out of the utmp runlevel record if utmp is not writable.
  * Be able to find libcrypt also on 64 bit based architectures.
  * Add option -w to the last command to display the full user and
    domain names in the output.  Patch from Petr Lautrbach.
  * Add a manual page for utmpdump as this tool is sometimes
    very useful even if not intended for normal use.
  * Use paths.h macros for wall
  * Change path "/etc/powerstatus" to "/var/run/powerstatus"
  * Detected also removable block devices at halt/reboot to be able
    to flush data and send them the ATA standby command.  This should
    avoid data loss on USB sticks and other removable block devices.
  * Flush block devices on halt/reboot if not done by the kernel.
  * Set SHELL to /bin/sh in the environmant of shutdown.
  * Retry to write out shutdown messages if interrupted.
  * pidof/killall5 - make omit pid list a dynamic one.
  * pidof - provide '-n' to skip stat(2) syscall on network based FS.
  * init - avoid compiler warnings
  * init - initialize console by using the macros from ttydefaults.h
  * init - add the possiblity to ignore further interrupts from keyboard
  * init - add the possiblity to set sane terminal line settings
  * sulogin - add the possibility to reset the terminal io
  * Fix some minor problems
  * init - enable is_selinux_enabled() to detect selinuxfs
  * Add fix for Debian bug #536574 -- Can be enabled by -DACCTON_OFF
  * Add helper program fstab-decode to make it easier to handle
    /etc/mtab content. Patch by Miloslav Trmac and Fedora.
  * Add fix for Debian bug #335023 - Make sure TERM is set on FreeBSD.
  * Add fix for Debian bug #374038 - Make it clear that shutdown -c can
    only cancel a waiting shutdown, not an active one.
  * Add note to pidof manual page about the use of readlink(2). Patch by
    Bill Nottingham and Fedora.
  * Add PAM patch contrib/notify-pam-dead.patch based on Debian bug
    #68621, which will add PAM support for programs spawned by init on
    the console like sulogin. Based on patch by Topi Miettinen.  This
    patch is not applied by default yet while we review its
    usefullness.  It is only helpful for session handling, as sulogin
    do not use and will not use a PAM conv() function.  The current
    sulogin is able to handle DES as well as MD5, SHA, and Blowfish
    encrypted passwords due using getpwnam(3).
  * Move utmp/wtmp before the execvp() in spawn() to be sure to
    use the correct pid even on a controlling tty
  * Remaining problem is that the pid of the second fork() for
    getting a controlling tty isn't that reported by spawn()
  * Re-enable writting utmp/wtmp for boot scripts
  * Extend sulogin to support additional encryption algorithms
  * Re-enable maintenance message of sulogin
  * Enable the sulogin fallback password check to handle  MD5, SHA, and
    Blowfish encrypted passwords in case of getpwnam(3) fails.
  * sulogin picking the SELinux context was broken. Patch by Daniel Walsh

 -- Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com>  Sun Apr 11 11:28:55 CEST 2010

sysvinit (2.87dsf) world; urgency=low

  * Fix typos and do minor updates in the manual pages.
  * Correct section of mountpoint(1).
  * Document -e and -t options for telinit in init(8).
  * Update address of FSF in the COPYRIGHT file.
  * Document in halt(8) that -n might not disable all syncing.
    Patch by Bill Nottingham and Fedora
  * Adjust output from "last -x".  In reboot lines, print endpoint
    of uptime too.  In shutdown lines print downtimes rather than
    the time between downs.  Fix typo in string compare in last.c.
    Patch by Thomas Hood.
  * Improve handling of IPv6 addresses in last.  Patch from Fedora.
  * Document last options in usage information, previously only
    mentioned in the manual page.
  * Add new option -F to last, to output full date string instead
    of the short form provided by default.  Patch from Olaf Dabrunz
    and SuSe.
  * Adjust build rules to make sure the installed binaries
    are stripped.
  * Increase the compiler warning level when building.
  * Fix utmp/wtmp updating on 64-bit platforms.  Patch by Bill
    Nottingham and Fedora.
  * Avoid unchecked return value from malloc() in utmpdump.
    Patch from Christian 'Dr. Disk' Hechelmann and Fedora.
  * Make sure to use execle and no execl when passing environment to
    the new process.  Patch from RedHat.
  * Correct init to make sure the waiting status is preserved across
    re-exec.  Patch from RedHat.
  * Correct init to avoid race condition when starting programs during
    boot.  Patch from SuSe.
  * Allow 'telinit u' in runlevels 0 and 6.  Patch from Thomas Hood.
  * Change install rules to make pidof an absolute symlink.  Patch from
    Thomas Hood.
  * Improve error message from init if fork() fail.  Patch found in Suse.
  * Add support for SE Linux capability handling.  Patch from Manoj
    Srivastava, adjusted to avoid aborting if SE policy was loaded in
    the initrd with patch from Bill Nottingham and Fedora.
  * Add -c option to pidof for only matching processes with the same
    process root.  Ignore -c when not running as root.  Patch from
    Thomas Woerner and Fedora.
  * Adjust init to terminate argv0 with one 0 rather than two so that
    process name can be one character longer.  Patch by Kir Kolyshkin.
  * Make sure bootlogd exit with non-error exit code when forking of
    the child successfully.
  * Add bootlogd option -s to make it possible to control the use of
    fdatasync().  Patch from Thomas Hood.
  * Add bootlogd option -c to tell it to create the log file if it does
    not exist.  Patch from Thomas Hood.
  * Let bootlogd also look at ttyB* devices to work on HPPA.  Patch
    from Thomas Hood.
  * Change init to use setenv() instead of putenv, make sure the PATH
    value is usable on re-exec.  Patch from Thomas Hood.
  * Add usleep in killall5 after killing processes, to force the kernel
    to reschedule.  Patch from SuSe.
  * Modify pidof to not print empty line if no pid was found.
  * Modify init and sulogin to fix emergency mode's tty, making sure ^C
    and ^Z work when booting with 'emergency' kernel option.  Patch from
    Samuel Thibault.
  * Modify init to allow some time for failed opens to resolve themselves.
    Patch from Bill Nottingham and Fedora.
  * Modify init to shut down IDE, SCSI and SATA disks properly.  Patches
    from Sebastian Reichelt, Werner Fink and SuSe.
  * Modify wall to use UT_LINESIZE from <utmp.h> instead of hardcoded
    string lengths.  Patch from SuSe.
  * Change wall to make halt include hostname in output.
  * Change killall to avoid killing init by mistake.  Patch from SuSe.
  * Change killall5 to use the exit value to report if it found any
    processes to kill.  Patch from Debian.
  * Add option -o opmitpid to killall5, to make it possible to skip
    some pids during shutdown.  Based on patch from Colin Watson and
  * Add references between killall5 and pidof manual pages.  Patch from Debian.
  * Modify killall to work better with user space file system, by
    changing cwd to /proc when stopping and killing processes, and
    avoiding stat() when the value isn't used.  Also, lock process
    pages in memory to avoid paging when user processes are stopped.
    Patch from Debian and Goswin von Brederlow with changes by Kel
  * Change shutdown to only accept flags -H and -P with the -h flag,
    and document this requirement in the manual page.
  * Change reboot/halt to work properly when used as a login shell.
    Patch by Dale R. Worley and Fedora.
  * Let sulogin fall back to the staticly linked /bin/sash if both roots
    shell and /bin/sh fail to execute.

 -- Petter Reinholdtsen <pere at hungry.com>  Sun, 12 Jul 2009 19:58:10 +0200

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