[arch-dev-public] [signoff] libtool-2.4-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Sep 23 09:09:59 EDT 2010

Upstream update.

Signoff both,

* New features:

   - Sysroot support.  This allows you to build cross-compiled packages
     with the same prefix that will be used on the destination machine,
     and still find dependent libraries under the compiler's "sysroot".
     Without sysroot support, paths internal to the build system may leak
     into the product of the build.

     Sysroot support is disabled unless the --with-sysroot configure
     option is passed to configure, because .la files generated with
     sysroot support will _not_ be usable in general with older Libtools.

   - On non-cygwin Windows systems, we now lookup potential library
     file names without regard to file name case.
   - The old testsuite now uses the `parallel-tests' Automake test driver
     now for more concurrency and better test logging.  For this, tests are
     run in verbose mode by default now.

* Important incompatible changes:

   - Autoconf 2.62 and Automake 1.11.1 or newer are now required for
     bootstrapping Libtool.  For using Libtool in your own projects,
     Autoconf 2.59 and Automake 1.9.6 should still work.
   - The fix_srcfile_path variable has been replaced by a more thorough
     mechanism triggered by the to_tool_file_cmd variable.

* Changes in supported systems or compilers:

   - Initial support for the Microsoft C/C++ Compiler, with help from
     the compile script in unreleased Automake 1.12. Override the manifest
     tool used to embed the manifest resource through the environment
     variable MANIFEST_TOOL. Please note that the import library naming
     has changed (from foo-2.lib to foo.dll.lib) from when the code lived
     in its own git branch.
   - Initial support for the NAG Fortran compiler on GNU/Linux.

* Bug fixes:

   - The `check-interactive' and `check-noninteractive' convenience make
     targets now also work for the old testsuite.
   - Warnings from Autoconf v2.67-36-g1e604ec about incomplete programs
     passed to AC_*_IFELSE tests have been fixed.
   - On IRIX, the test for -Wl,-exported_symbol now also works with 

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