[arch-dev-public] Final grub2 split pkg

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Tue Sep 28 05:17:28 EDT 2010

Am Montag 27 September 2010 schrieb Ronald van Haren:
> Hi Keshav,
> Quick reply to your question below as I'm busy working.
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 10:40 AM, Keshav P.R. <skodabenz at rocketmail.com>
> wrote:H
> > One question - why can't the packages for i686 be built on x86_64? Ronald
> > you mentioned "First of all this causes the need for building packages
> > for both architectures on 64bit if I read the PKGBUILD correctly". I
> > want to know what is wrong in using a x86_64 build system. I agree with
> > you on not using multilib, but not on using only i686 for building the
> > packages.
> Sorry I didn't mean that it was wrong, I actually meant it should be
> avoided if possible.  What if user X who only owns a 32 bit machine
> wants to turn on/off a feature or update/downgrade the package
> him/herself because for some reason he/she needs this? It may also add
> a bit in size or be a bit slower, though I'm not too sure about that
> without hard numbers and if it is, than it is probably not noticeable.
> It's mostly due the first reason that I want to avoid it, but well, if
> it is not possible like with the grub1 case, there is no option.
> Again, I just mentioned it as ideally we want to avoid it if possible.
> Ronald
Are the patches we apply to normal grub2 not valid anymore?

I just looked through it, i think at the moment there is no chance to avoid 
the multilib for efi, since noone can say if the x86_64 pc has a i386 or x86_64 
firmware. Please correct me if i'm wrong on this.

Perhaps it's better to have grub2-efi package since it's not as common as bios 
booting and conflict both grub2 packages on each other.
This way we don't need to rename the tools.

The install files should just point to the grub2 wiki they are still too long.

Any other ideas?

We should bring this to testing when the betas are officially hosted on the 
grub2 mirrors.

Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org
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