[arch-dev-public] preparing LibreOffice

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Tue Sep 28 15:04:42 EDT 2010

You may have already heard about it: LibreOffice is alive.


The new product right now is called "LibreOffice". It's basically a
rebranched go-openoffice also know as ooo-build. The new foundation has
invited Oracle to contribute to it and to give them the brand
OpenOffice name.

To me it seems to old Oracle based vanilla builds will very soon die.

LibreOffice will soon become the new place where all development will
happen in a true open manner without Oracles restrictions. With Oracle
or without them in form of the long prepared fork.

I'm going to prepare Arch builds for libreoffice in our svn but won't
upload any binary packages until the new way gets more clear.

Anyway go-openoffice is depricated as said in the #go-oo channel topic.


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