[arch-dev-public] [signoff] ncurses-5.9-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 9 08:45:49 EDT 2011

Upstream updated:

                          Release Notes

This  release  is  designed  to  be upward compatible from ncurses 5.0
through   5.8;  very  few  applications  will  require  recompilation,
depending   on  the  platform.  These  are  the  highlights  from  the
change-log since ncurses 5.8 release.

This  is  a  bug-fix  release,  correcting  a  small  number of urgent
problems in the ncurses library from the 5.8 release.

It also improves the Ada95 binding:
   * fixes  a  longstanding  portability  problem  with  its use of the
     [3]set_field_type    function.    Because   that   function   uses
     variable-length  argument  lists, its interface with gnat does not
     work with certain platforms.
   * improves  configurability and portability, particularly when built
     separately  from the main ncurses tree. The 5.8 release introduced
     scripts  which  can be used to construct separate tarballs for the
     Ada95 and ncurses examples.
     Those  were a proof of concept. For the 5.9 release, those scripts
     are  augmented  with  rpm-  and  dpkg-scripts  used in test builds
     against  a  variety of gnat- and system ncurses versions as old as
     gnat  3.15  and  ncurses  5.4  (see  snapshots  and systems tested
   * additional  improvements  were made for portability of the ncurses
     examples,  adding  rpm-  and  dpkg-scripts  for  test-builds.  See
     [5]this page for snapshots and other information.

Signoff both,

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