[arch-dev-public] [signoff] man-db / libpipeline 1.2.0-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Apr 11 16:09:25 EDT 2011

New man-db release requires now external libpipeline. See

Please give signoffs. Funny FS#22866 is not yet fixed. I've sent Colin
a reminder.



an-db (10 April 2011)

Major changes since man-db 2.6.0:


	o Ensure that the target of a symlink or .so chain is always
	recorded as a real page.

	o Read a user-specified configuration file even if HOME is

man-db 2.6.0 (9 April 2011)

Major changes since man-db 2.5.9:


	o Fix build with versions of GNU ld that default to

	o Fix failure to display manual pages in some encodings when
	  installed setuid.

	o Wrap long table cells in man(1), fixing test failures with
	groff 1.21.

	o If an explicit section is passed to man, then pages that match
	  that section exactly will be preferred over pages that only
	have that section as a prefix.

	o Fix a segfault when 'man -K' tries to display certain pages.

	o Fix a segfault in some situations when processes are killed by


	o As promised in the release notes for man-db 2.5.8, man-db no
	  longer ships its own copy of libpipeline
	  (http://libpipeline.nongnu.org/).  You must build and install
	that library separately.

	o Search the full manpath when expanding .so directives in
	manual pages.  As part of this, '.so name.1' should now work as
	well as '.so man1/name.1'.

	o lexgrog handles roff named glyphs and perldoc strings in NAME

	o man no longer starts a pager if standard output is not a tty.

	o The -s option to whatis and apropos now takes a colon- or
	  comma-separated list of sections, similar to 'man -S'.

	o mandb error output is neater when stderr is not a terminal.

	o Add basic support for the implementation of nroff/troff in the
	  Heirloom Documentation Tools.  Title lengths are not properly
	set as yet, and many features are untested.

	o mandb removes cat* and NLS subdirectories of cat directories
	whose corresponding man directories no longer exist.

	o mandb forces SIGPIPE back to its default disposition on
	startup, to avoid noisy output in case it was started in a
	context where SIGPIPE was ignored.

	o SECTION entries in a user configuration file now override
	those in the system configuration file, rather than appending
	to them.

	o The default less prompt now includes "(press h for help or q
	to quit)" to help novices find their way around.

	o man-db may now be built to use Berkeley DB version 5

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