[arch-dev-public] [signoff] initscripts-2011.04.1-1

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Thu Apr 21 13:10:24 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

A new initscripts package is in testing, please test and signoff.

Some changes that might potentially cause problems:

* We no longer call mdadm, as this is dealt with by udev
* We no longer copy rule files from /dev/.udev on boot, as this is
dealt with by udev
* We no longer run depmod on boot, as this should be done by the
respective packages, and is anyway done to late to make a difference
on boot
* We dropped several very old workarounds for bugs in other packages
* We make hwclock drift adjustment into a daemon (defaults to enabled
on fresh installs), as it causes more problems than it solves
(especially if using dual-boot or ntp)
* We have a new maintainer

Other changes worth noting:

* got a helperscript, rc, that allows to start/stop and list daemons
* default to RTC being in UTC, strongly discourage localtime
* support FakeRAID (dmraid)
* support btrfs
* support /run (and use it where relevant)
* support forcefsck as a kernel parameter
* allow the verbosity level to be configured in rc.conf
* various cleanups all around

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Andrea Scarpino (1):
     Use dhcpcd -k instead of kill

Dan McGee (1):
     Remove MOD_BLACKLIST from rc.conf

Dave Reisner (5):
     PKGBUILD: remove unnecessary depends
     whitespace cleanup
     use bash's kill builtin instead of /bin/kill
     network: cleanup variable declarations
     rc.sysinit: condense calls to rm

Eric Bélanger (1):
     Added missing else clause in set_consolefont function

Kurt J. Bosch (2):
     Make hwclock --adjust as well as --systohc optional (FS#13684)
     Change hardware clock default to UTC

Sebastien Luttringer (7):
     fix syntax error from 71a1b74eb778540d412705b09a24f1d2ba123a2b
     Move /var/run/daemons to /run/daemons
     mdadm: disable SoftRAID detection
     Fix console verbosity and add config via rc.conf
     Fix incomplete daemon detection in have_daemon
     Add an rc helper
     Fix and clean forcefsk detection

Seblu (9):
     Allow forcefsck on kernel cmdline to have same effect as touching
     Improve encrypted filesystem detection
     Remove grep use where a simple env var check can be made
     Implement FakeRAID detection at startup
     Software RAID detection is now triggered via USEMDADM config var
like fakeraid and lvm
     Add davfs to the list of network filesystems in netfs
     Add UDEV_TIMEOUT option
     Add BTRFS support in initscripts
     Allow loading of multiple keymaps when LOCALE is UTF-8

Tom Gundersen (13):
     udev: do not automatically save persistent net/cd udev rules to
/etc on boot
     Merge branch 'hwclock-from-kurt' into arch-master
     status: synchronise the status message
     Revert "udevadm: retry failed udev events after filesystems have
been mounted"
     hotplug: properly clear the path to hotplug/uevent_helper
     mtab: don't write to mtab if it is a symlink
     workaround: do not rmmod psmouse
     workaround: do not unset NIS on shutdown
     workaround: do not set property=STARTUP=1 when calling udevadm
     dev: create pts and shm directories
     depmod: no longer update module dependencies on boot
     /run: mount /run if it is not already mounted
     Add utmp group support

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