[arch-dev-public] [signoff] initscripts-2011.04.1-2

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 30 11:11:26 EDT 2011

[2011-04-29 02:33:57 +0200] Tom Gundersen:
> A new initscripts package is in testing, please test and signoff.

Signoff x86_64.

> I suggest putting a note on the frontpage:
> ****************************
> New initscripts removes legacy code, requires up-to-date packages
> As of initscripts 2011.04.1 we expect all other packages (except for
> the kernel) to be up-to-date. This in particular includes udev, mdadm,
> dmraid, lvm.
> Some highlights from the changelog:
> * We now let udev deal with mdadm, and no longer call mdadm explicitly
> * We now strongly discourage the use of HWCLOCK="localtime", as this
> may lead to several known and unfixable bugs
> * The adjustment of the hwclock for drift is moved into a daemon that
> should not be used in most scenarios as it can lead to subtle bugs
> (especially if using dual-boot or ntp)
> New features:
> * a new binary, /sbin/rc, that allows to start/stop and list daemons
> * support FakeRAID (dmraid)
> * support btrfs

Sounds good to me, although the expectation for users not to cherry pick
upgrades is not limited to initscripts.



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