[arch-dev-public] [signoff] libsasl, cyrus-sasl

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Wed Aug 3 17:04:55 EDT 2011

Please signoff for both architectures.

Changes: too much to mention. I'll try anyways.

Packaging changes:
- Everything is built from one PKGBUILD in cyrus-sasl. Changes to this
PKGBUILD are merged to libsasl
- libsasl now contains all mechanisms except GSSAPI
- NTLM mechanism included
- OTP mechanism removed
- /dev/urandom is used as random entropy source now
- cyrus-sasl-plugins is dead
- new packages: cyrus-sasl-{ldap,sql,gssapi}
- revised init script for saslauthd
- upgrade path made as smooth as possible

Patching changes:
All patches removed, replaced by loads of patches from mainly Debian,
but some come from Gentoo or Fedora. The Gentoo patches are mainly to
fix scary compiler warnings and include some build fixes. The Fedora
patches are limited to a build fix only.

Some of you may like the patches, but most of you may will it, but fact
is that Cyrus SASL doesn't have a very active release team. This is
software from 2008, the last release candidate was from 2009 and even
more patches are needed to fix that version. I decided to stay with the
released "stable" version instead.

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