[arch-dev-public] removing cryptsetup from base group

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Aug 9 14:55:01 EDT 2011

Am 09.08.2011 14:37, schrieb Ionut Biru:
> Hi,
> this package brings in our clean chroots libgcrypt dependency.
> Until recently, gnutls had libcrypt as dependency but now it relies on
> nettle. That means that packages  linked to gnutls and relied on
> libgcrypt dependency from it, will be broken.
> We have a gnutls 3.0.0 rebuild in progress in staging and because
> libgcrypt is in our clean chroots, everything is fine, functionality
> wise but I noticed that we skipped adding ligcrypt to dependency mostly
> because namcap and us assume that everybody have base group installed.
> Please check your packages to see if they link to libgcrypt and add it
> to dependency if they do.

Hm, -1 for now. AIF needs to become aware of it first, so it can
auto-select cryptsetup when encrypted partitions are created.

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