[arch-dev-public] [signoff] sudo-1.8.2-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 19 19:32:11 EDT 2011

Upstream update.  Big changelog below.   I have been running the various 
RCs (12 of them!) without issue for a while.

Signoff both,

What's new in Sudo 1.8.2?

  * Sudo, visudo, sudoreplay and the sudoers plug-in now have natural
    language support (NLS). This can be disabled by passing configure
    the --disable-nls option.  Sudo will use gettext(), if available,
    to display translated messages.  All translations are coordinated
    via The Translation Project, http://translationproject.org/.

  * Plug-ins are now loaded with the RTLD_GLOBAL flag instead of
    RTLD_LOCAL.  This fixes missing symbol problems in PAM modules
    on certain platforms, such as FreeBSD and SuSE Linux Enterprise.

  * I/O logging is now supported for commands run in background mode
    (using sudo's -b flag).

  * Group ownership of the sudoers file is now only enforced when
    the file mode on sudoers allows group readability or writability.

  * Visudo now checks the contents of an alias and warns about cycles
    when the alias is expanded.

  * If the user specifes a group via sudo's -g option that matches
    the target user's group in the password database, it is now
    allowed even if no groups are present in the Runas_Spec.

  * The sudo Makefiles now have more complete dependencies which are
    automatically generated instead of being maintained manually.

  * The "use_pty" sudoers option is now correctly passed back to the
    sudo front end.  This was missing in previous versions of sudo
    1.8 which prevented "use_pty" from being honored.

  * "sudo -i command" now works correctly with the bash version
    2.0 and higher.  Previously, the .bash_profile would not be
    sourced prior to running the command unless bash was built with

  * When matching groups in the sudoers file, sudo will now match
    based on the name of the group instead of the group ID. This can
    substantially reduce the number of group lookups for sudoers
    files that contain a large number of groups.

  * Multi-factor authentication is now supported on AIX.

  * Added support for non-RFC 4517 compliant LDAP servers that require
    that seconds be present in a timestamp, such as Tivoli Directory Server.

  * If the group vector is to be preserved, the PATH search for the
    command is now done with the user's original group vector.

  * For LDAP-based sudoers, the "runas_default" sudoOption now works
    properly in a sudoRole that contains a sudoCommand.

  * Spaces in command line arguments for "sudo -s" and "sudo -i" are
    now escaped with a backslash when checking the security policy.

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