[arch-dev-public] Git for the repos

Ángel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.org
Thu Aug 25 10:35:47 EDT 2011

2011/8/24 Florian Pritz <bluewind at xinu.at>:
> So it came up in IRC again and I'll try to sum up the discussion:
> SVN checkouts tend to break, some people only use it for our repos and
> not anywhere else, it's slow.
> We agreed on one git repo per package because you can't do partial
> checkouts in git and you hardly need the history of all packages anyway.
> To keep track of released packages, dbscripts maintains it's own (git?)
> meta database which contains only the package version and pacman repo of
> the package. The version corresponds to a tag in the package's git repo.
> We can't use tags like "testing-i686" because you can't reuse tags in git.
> I'd like to hear some comments about this.
> --
> Florian Pritz

First I need to ask some questions (understant that I don't get why is
this getting proposed)

Well, why are us needing of git? what goal we want to achieve? ..

Devtools have some complications (X number of commits for package i.e)
but, this will change with git? how? .. it will git increase the speed
or the workflow of our devtools? why git, not hg, darcs or another

So in resume, (despite the questions) I didn't get why we need to move
our actual schema to other stuff, at the end of the day, we have to
implement or tools to work above one of those systems on our own
devtools, and eventually is trying to pass a circle into a rectangle

After all I didn't saw any strong points yet, but if there is one at
least, i will for sure totally support it.

Just my opinion, please don't get this personal, we are a team, we are
right to speak, and we must work in some kind of armony, I bet we all
want the best for the project, so we are on the same boat .. don't
forget that.

Angel Velásquez
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