[arch-dev-public] [signoff] sqlite3 - 3.7.5-1

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Tue Feb 1 14:14:55 EST 2011

Upstream update.

Packaging changes: Oldschool configure/Makefile are no more supported
upstream and thus deprecated. Upstream ships new tarballs called
"amalgamation", that are kind of optimized for common C
preprocessors: http://sqlite.org/amalgamation.html - we had a request
for this FS#21508.

The tcl extension is now split out and a separate pkg. The sqlite3-tcl
pkg files are now located in a different directory. There's nothing
linked to it in our repos. If you think this way the lib is not
found and needs to be fixed please tell me. I can try to hack the
Makefile to use the old location. It should be also of minor usage and
a News shouldn't be necessary.

old: /usr/lib/tcl8.5/sqlite3/libtclsqlite3.so

new: /usr/lib/sqlite3.7.5/libsqlite3.7.5.so

If anybody uses the tcl extension please test it.

For other upstream release changes  see below. Then please signoff.



SQLite Release 3.7.5 On 2011 February 01 (3.7.5)

Changes associated with this release include the following:

    * Added the sqlite3_vsnprintf() interface.
      sqlite3_db_status() interface.
    * Added the SQLITE_OMIT_AUTORESET compile-time option.
    * Added the SQLITE_DEFAULT_FOREIGN_KEYS compile-time option.
    * Updates to sqlite3_stmt_readonly() so that its result is
      well-defined for all prepared statements and so that it works
      with VACUUM.
    * Added the "-heap" option to the command-line shell
    * Fix a bug involving frequent changes in and out of WAL mode and
      VACUUM that could (in theory) cause database corruption.
    * Enhance the sqlite3_trace() mechanism so that nested SQL
      statements such as might be generated by virtual tables are shown
      but are shown in comments and without parameter expansion. This
      greatly improves tracing output when using the FTS3/4 and/or
      RTREE virtual tables.
    * Change the xFileControl() methods on all built-in VFSes to return
      SQLITE_NOTFOUND instead of SQLITE_ERROR for an unrecognized
      operation code.
    * The SQLite core invokes the SQLITE_FCNTL_SYNC_OMITTED file
      control to the VFS in place of a call to xSync if the database
      has PRAGMA synchronous set to OFF. 

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