[arch-dev-public] [signoff] binutils-2.21-4 and glibc-2.13-3

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 10 20:37:50 EST 2011

On 09/02/11 19:15, Allan McRae wrote:
> This is a rebuild to remove nopl instructions on i686 so those "i686"
> processors (e.g. Via C3 Nehemiah) that do not support it do not crash a
> lot. This issue was supposed to be fixed upstream in binutils-2.21 so
> the old work around for this was removed from our glibc package. Turns
> out, the binutils fix was not as much of a fix as was previously thought...
> binutils-2.21-4:
> - new snapshot from 2.21 branch
> - add upstream patch to stop nopl usage on i686
> glibc-2.13-3:
> - rebuild to remove nopl instructions
> Before:
>  > objdump -d /lib/ld-2.13.so | grep nopl | wc -l
> 264
> After
>  > objdump -d /lib/ld-2.13.so | grep nopl | wc -l
> 0
> glibc is probably the only package that needed rebuilt to remove those
> instructions as its build forces --mtune=i686 when --march=i686 is used.
> Those package that listen to --mtune=generic are fine.

As an FYI for people who were affected by this.  I have had reports that 
a Via C3 Nehemiah now works and that an AMD Geode required a kernel 
rebuild with these to no have a kernel panic on boot but then seemed fine.


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