[arch-dev-public] [signoff] groff 1.21-1

Stéphane Gaudreault stephane at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 3 21:11:25 EST 2011

Le 3 janvier 2011 17:40:08, Tobias Powalowski a écrit :
> VERSION 1.21
> ============
> Troff
> -----
> o The new `lsm' request specifies a macro to be invoked when leading spaces
>   in an input line are encountered (which are removed then).  Number
>   registers `lsn' and `lss' hold the number of removed leading spaces and
>   the corresponding horizontal space, respectively.
> o There is a new warning category `file', enabled by default.  The `mso'
>   request emits warnings in this category when the requested macro file
> does not exist.
> o The new `class' request assigns a short name to a set of characters
>   which can be referred to in the `cflags' request.  This is especially
>   useful to control line-breaking and hyphenation rules in CJK languages.
> o Three new values for the `cflags' request have been added, which are
>   needed for proper CJK support.
>     128  prohibit before but allow break after character
>     256  prohibit after but allow break before character
>     512  allow break before and after character
> Tbl
> ---
> o A new global option `nowarn' suppresses warnings if tables are longer
> than the current line width.
> Afmtodit
> --------
> o New option `-o' to specify the name of the output file.
> Macro Packages
> --------------
> o A new macro `%U' has been added to the mdoc package to indicate a URL
>   reference within an .Rs/.Re environment.
> o Rudimentary support for the Japanese script has been added, most suitable
>   for man page handling as output by grotty.  The file `ja.tmac' contains
>   the necessary setup to allow line breaks before and after CJK characters
>   (with proper exceptions).  Note, however, that no inter-character spacing
>   is implemented yet -- this usually causes many warnings about bad line
>   breaks.
> a
> Fixed groffer #21245
> Please signoff both arches,
> greetings
> tpowa

Signoff x86_64


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