[arch-dev-public] [PATCH] [devtools] make 'mkarchroot -u' return 0 on success

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 6 16:27:10 EST 2011

Version 0.9.16 of devtools made "mkarchroot -u" able to handle pacman
upgrades using:

	pacman -Syu --noconfirm; pacman -Qqu >/dev/null && pacman -Su --noconfirm

This implies the return code of "mkarchroot -u" is always 1 in the most
typical case where there is no package left to upgrade after the first

To fix this, I suggest to simply remove the check for packages left:
pacman -Su will do it just as well. Or we could add a "|| return 0" at
the end.


diff -aur old/mkarchroot new/mkarchroot
--- devtools/mkarchroot	2011-01-06 22:12:24.900001390 +0100
+++ devtools/mkarchroot	2011-01-06 22:13:33.026668143 +0100
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
 while getopts 'r:ufnhC:M:c:' arg; do
 	case "${arg}" in
 		r) RUN="$OPTARG" ;;
-		u) RUN='/bin/sh -c "pacman -Syu --noconfirm; pacman -Qqu >/dev/null && pacman -Su --noconfirm"' ;;
+		u) RUN='/bin/sh -c "pacman -Syu --noconfirm; pacman -Su --noconfirm"' ;;
 		f) FORCE='y' ;;
 		C) pac_conf="$OPTARG" ;;
 		M) makepkg_conf="$OPTARG" ;;

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