[arch-dev-public] libnl 2.0 rebuild

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Jan 15 05:45:49 EST 2011

Am 13.01.2011 19:24, schrieb Thomas Bächler:
> So, libnl 2.0 was declared stable in October as I just learned.
> These packages are compatible with libnl 2.0:
> - crda
> - iw
> - wpa_supplicant
> - hostapd

These seem to be okay, although I didn't try hostapd yet.

> These packages don't as far as I can see:
> - libpcap

This one was easy.

> - networkmanager

I definitely can't fix networkmanager. Or I could, but it would take me
all day, at least.

> These I didn't check:
> - kismet
> - net-snmp
> - knemo
> - libvirt
> - simh

I was able to fix net-snmp, didn't look at the rest yet. Seeing as I
can't fix networkmanager, should I introduce a libnl1 package to extra
and build everything against that? Or should I still patch the ones I
can patch?

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