[arch-dev-public] [signoff] pcre-8.12-1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 17 08:00:24 EST 2011

Upstream update.

Signoff both,

Version 8.12 15-Jan-2011

1.  Fixed some typos in the markup of the man pages, and wrote a script that
     checks for such things as part of the documentation building process.

2.  On a big-endian 64-bit system, pcregrep did not correctly process the
     --match-limit and --recursion-limit options (added for 8.11). In
     particular, this made one of the standard tests fail. (The integer 
     went into the wrong half of a long int.)

3.  If the --colour option was given to pcregrep with -v (invert match), it
     did strange things, either producing crazy output, or crashing. It 
     of course, ignore a request for colour when reporting lines that do not

4.  Another pcregrep bug caused similar problems if --colour was 
specified with
     -M (multiline) and the pattern match finished with a line ending.

5.  In pcregrep, when a pattern that ended with a literal newline 
sequence was
     matched in multiline mode, the following line was shown as part of the
     match. This seems wrong, so I have changed it.

6.  Another pcregrep bug in multiline mode, when --colour was specified, 
     the check for further matches in the same line (so they could be 
     to overrun the end of the current line. If another match was found, 
it was
     incorrectly shown (and then shown again when found in the next line).

7.  If pcregrep was compiled under Windows, there was a reference to the
     function pcregrep_exit() before it was defined. I am assuming this was
     the cause of the "error C2371: 'pcregrep_exit' : redefinition;" 
that was
     reported by a user. I've moved the definition above the reference.

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