[arch-dev-public] [signoff] udev-172

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Mon Jul 11 06:15:59 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

A new udev version is in [testing], please test and signoff.

Packaging changes:

Support for non-devtmpfs /dev is now moved from udev to udev-compat.
This leaves only one static devices node (loop0) in the main udev
package. This is needed due to broken design in the kernel, which
hopefully one day should be fixed.

Further deletion of arch specific rules:

No more symlinks for cdroms (only a small subset of cdroms were given
symlinks, this was inconsistent, so stop doing that).
Framebuffer devices are no longer in the video group. Permissions and
ownership of framebuffer devices are handled by X, so having udev
rules which has no effect is just confusing (in case users want to
change the group, the need to do it in xorg.conf).
rtc and kbd devices are no longer world readable. Having kbd world
readable looks like an invitation for key-loggers.
rtc is no longer in the audio group. This does not make much sense,
and the same change was made by other distros a long time ago.

Framebuffer blacklisting:

The blacklist file is moved from /etc/modprobe.d to /lib/modprobe.d,
where it belongs. This means we can update the file without creating
.pacsave files, and if a user wants to override the file it should be
done by copying the file to /etc and editing it there (this file is no
longer under the control of pacman). In other words, the modprobe
.conf files work in the same way as the udev .rules files.

Upstream changes:

Udev now enables kernel media-presence polling if available. Part
of udisks optical drive tray-handling moved to cdrom_id: The tray
is locked as soon as a media is detected to enable the receiving
of media-eject-request events. Media-eject-request events will
eject the media.

Libudev enumerate is now able to enumerate a subtree of a given

The mobile-action-modeswitch modeswitch tool was deleted. The
functionality is provided by usb_modeswitch now.


In addition two bugs were fixed upstream after being found by Arch
user James Morris; and
support for referencing disks by PARTUUID were added after a
suggestion from Arch user Keshav P. R.
(this should be useful for mkinitramfs). Well done guys!



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