[arch-dev-public] [signoff] initscripts-2011.07.1-1

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Mon Jul 25 16:51:30 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

It has been almost two months since the last initscripts release, and
a lot of small changes have been merged (and a few big ones).

In particular, I'd like to point out a last minute addition by Dave: a
new script, /usr/lib/initscripts/arch-tmpfiles, which is ran at boot
to clean and create files and folders in non-persistent directories
(such as /run and /tmp). Daemons that needs this functionality (such
as udisks) can get it by putting a .conf file in /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/.
This should allow us to support /var/run and /var/lock being symlinked
to /run and /run/lock.

Please test and signoff. As usual, I'll wait a few extra days before
moving to core.



Changes to rc.conf

The VERBOSE parameter no longer has an effect, use the kernel's
loglevel= parameter instead. Most p

If HARDWARECLOCK is empty we will read the value of UTC/LOCAL from
hwclock's adjfile instead. To av
interacting with the hardwareclock set HARDWARECLOCK="IGNORE".

We now support (optionally) setting the broadcast address in the new
network config.

Behavioral changes

We no longer silence errors thrown by udev. In particular, if udevadm
--settle times out, we get an

We no longer adjust the rtc on boot, as it is unreliable, we only make
corrections for the timezone

We no longer mount /run as noexec.

Misc changes

Cleaning up of /tmp and friends is now done by an external tool. This
tool is intended to allow pac
kages to maintain {/var,}/run{/lock,} in the absense of rc scripts.

General refactoring which should make maintenance and writing custom
hooks easier.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:

Andrwe Lord Weber (1):
     added get_pid() and ck_pidfile() (FS#18654)

Dave Reisner (16):
     rc.sysinit: kill off VERBOSE= parameter
     rc.sysinit: allow exec in /run
     rc.d/rc.sysinit: whitespace cleanup
     use $() instead of `` for command substitutions
     add PATH, strip absolute path from binaries
     remove absolute paths from daemons and rc.d
     rc.sysinit: honor blacklist, not load_modules
     network: support gateway-less network setup
     rc.sysinit: avoid use of regex match for USE* vars
     network: don't enforce check for netmask or gateway
     rc.shutdown: continuation of fe48fab2c2c35c
     network: always warn about deprecation for old funcs
     network: don't warn for deprecation with no settings
     arch-tmpfiles: add new script to handle volatile file control
     arch-tmpfiles: check args, warn on invalid entries
     arch-tmpfiles: add cmdline parameters

Eric Bélanger (3):
     Clean up ANSI codes from /var/log/boot
     Removed superfluous dollar sign
     Add logrotate config file to rotate /var/log/boot

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi (4):
     [initscripts] Avoid error message when switch runlevels.
     [initscripts] chmod dmesg.log based on value from dmesg_restrict
     Be consistent (with mkinitcpio) source naming of /run
     [initscripts] network: Add missing broadcast address

Jacob Okamoto (1):
     rc.d: clear text formatting after error

Kurt J. Bosch (68):
     Move fsck stuff into functions to allow custom overrides (FS#18736)
     Simplify fsck functions
     Allow custom fsck on shutdown via hook (FS#18736)
     Move mount -a into functions to allow custom override (fsck on loop)
     Fix hwclock comments
     Simplify timezone copying
     Simplify creating files by using /bin/install
     Simplify keyboard map loading by using loadkeys autodetection
     Simplify API filesystems mounting
     Some cosmetics
     Simplify rc.single udevadm stuff as in rc.sysinit
     Simplify unmounting filesystems
     rc.single: Avoid rc.multi syslog start error - use minilogd as in
     Fix bootlogd not stopped when booting into runlevel '1'
     Simplify random seed file creation
     Some more cosmetics
     Simplify in_array function
     rc.sysinit/rc.single: Merge UDev stuff into a function
     rc.multi/rc.single: Merge duplicated bootlogd stop code into a function
     Get rid of simple if-constucts by using '&&'
     Simplify /etc/profile.d/locale.sh creation
     Fix whitespace
     functions: Fix indentation
     rc.sysinit: Fix writing to /dev/urandom
     rc.sysinit: Fix setting locale
     Fix '>|' not used allways when redirecting to files
     Fix local statements missing in ck_depends, ck_pidfile,
do_unlock, kill_everything
     functions: Define $fsckret read-only because exposed to hook
     Add some comments
     functions: Simplify ck_depends() for statement
     functions: Simplify kill_everything() omit_pid handling
     Refactor to get rid of simple if-constucts
     rc.sysinit: Get rid of eval
     Move fsck executable check into fsck_all() for consistency
     Move activate_vgs and crypt stat_busy to the top for consistency
     functions: Make activate_vgs return 0 if noop for consistency
     Move export PATH into functions
     rc.sysinit: Refactor /etc/mtab symlink detection to avoid empty if clause
     rc.sysinit: Add status output for mtab and dmesg.log creation
     functions/rc.single: Clean up whitespace
     rc.sysinit: Fix stat_busy block indentation
     functions: Get rid of superfluous braces in udevd_modprobe()
     functions: Add missing quotes in mount_all()
     functions/rc.multi: Strip paths from binaries
     Refactor kill_everything, fsck_all and mount_all code
     rc.sysinit: Declare $FORCEFSCK read-only
     functions/rc.sysinit: Refactor fsck-redirection to prevent breakage
     rc.sysinit: Remove unneeded variables initializations
     functions: Make status() return the actual exit code
     functions: Speed up reboot/shutdown by recognizing killall5 exit code 2
     netfs: cleanup whitespace
     netfs: Strip paths from binaries
     netfs: Refactor to provide meaningful exit code
     functions/netfs: Refactor filesystem type lists and $NETFS
     rc.sysinit: Simplify /var/run/daemons workaround
     rc.single: Remove $PATH assignment
     rc.sysinit: fixup fsck refactoring
     functions: Use ck_autostart in stop_all_daemons()
     functions: Make in_array() non DAEMONS specific
     rc.sysinit: Fix /tmp/.* pattern
     functions/rc.sysinit: Refactor 'Removing Leftover Files' code
     rc.single: Call remove_leftover() when going single-user
     functions: Remove useless '$' within '(( ))'
     functions: Unify whitespace inside '(( ))'
     Fix/unify quoting
     functions: Cosmetics: Refactor usage of local daemon variables
     rc.sysinit: Move 'run_hook sysinit_start' after mount root read-only
     rc.shutdown: Move 'run_hook shutdown_start' after "Initiating Shutdown..."

Sebastien Luttringer (6):
     rc.d: Update usage
     rc.d: Add started/stopped option to list
     rc.d: Update bash and zsh completion scripts
     Ensure rc.d scripts are run as root
     Use _get_comp_words_by_ref in bash completion
     Remove usage of head in PKGBUILD

Tom Gundersen (20):
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'falconindy/working'
     udev: don't silence settle + trivial
     hwclock: allow TZ to be set in adjtime, only adjust for TZ during boot
     hwclock: refactor daemon
     udev: remove rule generation
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'djgera/djgera'
     Merge branch 'snowman'
     hostname: echo to kernel directly
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'djgera/djgera'
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
     status: adjust number of columns after loading modules
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'falconindy/working'
     functions: warn if daemons are started recursively
     trivial: silence errors
     hwclock: use correct timezone
     hwclock: show status
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'kujub/master'
     network: reword depracation message

derhoch (1):
     changing _rd.d to _rc_d to avoid:

jofko (1):
     Adding hook sysinit_postmount

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