[arch-dev-public] KDE 4.7 hits [testing]

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed Jul 27 19:26:01 EDT 2011

Hi arKers,
KDE 4.7 has been released[1] and our packages are ready in [testing].

As you already know KDE is (slowly) moving to GIT. With this
transition some KDE module has been splitted into subprojects, and the
remaining modules should be splitted before KDE 4.8.
The result of this is that some package (e.g. kdegraphics-libs) is now
splitted in several packages and each new package conflicts with the
old kdegraphics-libs, so you have to remove it when pacman asks for
its removal during the update.

Here some info about the splitted modules:
- KDE Workspace: wallpapers are now in a separate package named
kde-wallpapers, this reduced the kdebase-workspace package download
size by 70%.
- KDE Graphics: kdegraphics-libs is now splitted in
kdegraphics-ksaneplugin, kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer,
kdegraphics-svgpart, kdegraphics-thumbnailers, libkdcraw, libkexiv2,
libkipi, libksane. Our official packages which depends on
kdegraphics-libs have been updated to depend on the new libraries; the
upgrade should work without any issue, otherwise please report it to
our bug tracker.
- KDE Edu: kdeedu-libkdeedu and kdeedu-data have been dropped and
libkdeedu will replace them.
- KDE Bindings: every subproject has been splitted in two parts: one
for the qt bindings and one for the KDE bindings. The old packages
have been remove and the new one are: kdebindings-kimono,
kdebindings-kross-java, kdebindings-kross-python,
kdebindings-korundum, kdebindings-perlkde, kdebindings-perlqt,
kdebindings-qtruby, kdebindings-qyoto, kdebindings-smokegen,
kdebindings-smokekde, kdebindings-smokeqt.
- KDE Accessibility: kdeaccessibility-colorschemes and
kdeaccessibility-iconthemes are dropped and replaced.

Have a nice update!

[1] http://kde.org/announcements/4.7/


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