[arch-dev-public] iproute2 and initscripts

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Sat Jun 4 09:15:24 EDT 2011

Hi Ronald,

As we have now moved initscripts to use iproute2, rather than the
ancient net-tools, a minor issue cropped up. For users who have /usr
on a separate partition, we need to start the loopback device before
/usr is mounted. This obviously won't work when ip is in /usr/sbin/.
What is your take on this? Would you be happy to copy (or move +
symlink) ip to /sbin? The alternative is to say that we do not support
such setups (a case could be made for this, as many things out of our
control are bound to break), but I'm not too keen on breaking people's
boots if we can help it...



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